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NEW INFORMATION: The trees in the forest is taken down and reduced to a normal standard. (November 2015) The sales pice is therefore reduced. New sales price is 2 200 000 NOK  -  Brenna Gaard - Gnr .: 36 BNR .: 113,  consists of 4 buildings and a total property area of 46,069 sqm. Approximately 10,000 sqm is used as garden area with lawns around the buildings. Private road at about 200 meters until the farm itself from municipal road. There are fitted electric boom of code and remote control in front of the entrance. The forest area consists of exceptionally lush and fine timber. A solid mixture consisting mainly of spruce and pine. Much of the forest is also of a "blank pine". These are large high knot-free pine trees with a lower diameter of the trunk, from 50-70 cm. They are usually 10 to 12 meters high and has only twigs and branches in the upper part of the tree. These have a significantly higher value than standard timber and is used in mainly to the more exclusive wood products. The property is bordered to the east to a local stream / little river. Nice view from a sunny plot in a southerly direction from the property. It comes with a big tent as set up in the woods, about 50 meters from the main house. Perfect party tent with reindeer skins and accommodates 10 -15 people.


The main building has a total gross living area of ​​130 sqm. The basement contains 42 sqm, 1st floor 51 sqm and 2 floor contains 37 sqm. It is brand new and expanded electrical connection to the house from Eidsiva Nett. Large capacity on stream. Both telephone and internet connection may enter the house. Satellite Dish with 4 heads on the ceiling. Partly new motor factory interior with new electrical cabinets and a large number modere fuses and circuits with distributors to all the other houses. It mounted a large modern heat pump, it is drilled by well water from 80 meters depth. Fantastic water quality with separate pressure tank, lime meter and automatic salt benefits. In addition there is a separate energy well at 200 meters which have not yet been adopted. (It is mounted pipe in the hole which is filled with liquor) Ready to use. This is admittedly 100 meters from the main building, as it was planned a second residence here.



This was renovated and modernized in 2010. The entire floor was torn up and new drainage pipes were laid along with a brand new (tube in tube) water system and electrical piping. The concrete floor was also re-insulated and electric heating cables were cast into all floors. Later, it was made a whole new and large bathroom with whirlpool tub, steam shower, and a new technical / laundry room, hallway and a separate small toilet room. All rooms are tiled with bright beautiful tiles LED lights with dimmers in ceilings.



This consists of the outer corridors and inside the hall. The living area is approximately 20 sqm and kitchen about the same. The kitchen has been modernized with new light kitchen. The kitchen is perceived as large and spacious with modern cooker, ceramic top with induction cooking, oven and microwave. There is a small adjoining rooms to the kitchen which is well suited spisetue and a separate pantry. All rooms have bright wallpaper and all the floors are covered in light oak floors. Heat pump in the inner hallway.



The attic consists of a staircase, a small hallway and two bedrooms. Electric Power Cabinet is in the hallway here. The master bedroom is approximately 15 sqm and innehholder also a small "walk in closet", ie a wardrobe room of 3-4 square meters. The second bedroom is omtrendt the same size and has been used as a children's room and guest rooms with two beds. Wardrobe in the perimeter of all rooms for outer walls andceilings. There are sloping ceilings in the edges of every room and therefore not full standing height in the master bedroom.


Log cabin which is positioned at the spar portion of the farm is 25 sqm large. The lodge is in good technical condition and have electricity with its own heat pump. It is also laid cables for TV and Internet into the cabin when it also has been used as office. A small hallway and a large cozy living room with light brown timber walls. The cottage also has a small bedroom with a double and a single bunk bed. There is a small kitchenette in the cabin. No running water and toilet.


barn / Stable consists of a gross area of ​​98 sqm. The barn is in old timber and is in a decent condition. The barn has concrete walls and is also in a decent condition. Currently used only as verktøybod and stock. The roof has a clear renovation needs. It should be a new roof and new minimum ceiling panels covering over old rooftops to any water leaks.



Outbuilding of 25 sqm consisting of a storage room, as in the old days probably were used for baking, since it is also an open fire inside. Electricity. The building is divided into two of which the second part is more "half-closed" and used as cold storage and woodshed. Storehouse and playhouse. Old storehouse 9 sq.m., a small playhouse 2-3 sqm stand outside in the yard.The storehouse is characterized by wear from the weather, but is in a quaint decent condition.





Brenna Gaard is located on Deset in Åmot municipality and the county Hedmark. Distances from: Oslo - Deset is 193 km, Gardermoen - Deset 156 km, Trondheim - Deset 322 km, Bergen - Deset 557 km, Elverum - Deset 30 km and Rena - Deset 20 km.



Driving instruction from Oslo and Gardermoen: Follow E6 towards Hamar, take off and drive Highway 3 towards Trysil and Elverum. Follow Highway 3 north towards Rena. Take off into the Rena center and follow the signs to Rendalen. Then continue on road 607 until Deset. (Approximately 20 km from Rena Centre).




Deset is a small hamlet situated approximately 20 km from the municipal centre of Rena in Åmot. Deset oppvekstsenter located in Deset, 20km. north-east of Rena centre. There are kindergarten, school (1-7 grade) and SFO gathered in a common modern buildings. Only a hundred numbers of people are gathered in Deset, while total population of the municipality is approximately 4500. Through both Deset and Rena centre also runs one of Norway's decidedly best trout rivers - Rena. This is located about 800 meters as the crow flies from Brenna Gaard. Åmot and Rena are also training ground for military special forces for international military forces and the community's most significant and largest employer and taxpayer. Rena is perhaps best known today for Birkebeinerrittet, popularly called Birken, skiing in winter and mountain bike race in the summer. The distance between Rena and Lillehammer.



There are good hunting and fishing resources in the area and the property is part of an overall structure and an association that benefits hunting rights in the surrounding area.  Rena is previously discussed and is a very attractive, especially as fly fishing river for trout. In addition there are a large number of lakes in the area that are both isolated beauty spots, but also very good fishing water.




Marked Price based on a Valuation Report made the 05/18/2015

Loan Guarantee

1 870 000 NOK

Market value including the Forest

2 200 000 NOK

Sales price including the Forest

2 200 000 NOK

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