Brenna Gaard

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About the farm and the surroundings

Brenna Gaard – Gnr. : 36 BNR .: 113 -  consists of a building of 4 buildings and a total property area of 46,069 square meters. Approximately 10,000 square meters is used as garden area around the buildings. Part of this is pure green lawns and some consist of rough landscaped garden area. An exclusive road which is 200 meters from the garden. There are fitted electric boom of code and remote control in front of the entrance. The forest area consists of exceptionally lush and fine timber. A solid mixture which consisting mainly of spruce and pine. The property is bordered to the east to a local stream or little river. Nice view from a sunny plot in a southerly direction from the property. It is located about 300-400 meters above sea level.


Technical information about Brenna Gaard

We have prepared a Sales Prospect in PDF format that can be downloaded from here. This is a complete description of the sales object Brenna Gaard, and current valuation of the property.

Download Sales Prospect  Download Valuation Report


Sales Prospect Brenna Gaard

This prospect description serves as a sales task on the property. The property is a total of 46,069 square meters. Most are mature forests composed of spruce and pine. The forest is very attractive and high quality. Large amounts of trees are the first quality timber. Approximately 10,000 square meters constitute the size of the residential area, in the form of garden and several large green lawns. 

R E A D  M O R E


The surrounding area Dest - Rena

Deset is a hamlet north of Åmot municipality in Hedmark which is about 20 km north-east of the municipal centre of Rena along country road 607 towards Rendalen. Deset has a two-fold primary school, Deset oppvekstsenter, with kindergarten in the base floor. Through the hamlet flows Rena which is particularly attractive for fishing. Especially for trout and grayling.

 R E A D  M O R E